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Hard to Cook Perfect Meals?

Presenting the brand new kitchen appliance that took 2-year research and development.

ChefMaker Combi Fryer
ChefMaker Combi Fryer

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It's time to upgrade
your cooking experience.


Thin and Crispy Crust

Juicy and Tender Interior

This is the COOKING MAGIC of ChefMaker.

How does ChefMaker's Cooking Magic work?

Techniques of Celebrity Chefs

Knowledge of Food Scientists

Algorithm of AI Experts

The cooking magic of ChefMaker

multi-stage cooking technology

Thanks to modern food science and hundreds of food tests, the algorithm of CombiCook is the ultimate solution to preserve flavor and taste.

CombiCook Curve For Steak

The Ultimate Hardware

Solution of Cooking

Accurate Temperature Control

Food Probe

Equipped with a dual high-precision probe, ChefMaker can easily manage the food status and adjust the cooking in real time.

Precise Humidity Control

Water Atomization

Featured by the automization system, ChefMaker can keep and adjust the temperature precisely, which will prevent food from charring and get it evenly cooked.

Superfast and Even Heating

Convection Heating

With an innovative convection heating system, ChefMaker can heat superfast and evenly, eliminating temperature gaps in the chamber.

3 Customized

Cooking Modes

Three cooking modes meet different users' cooking needs by customizable settings.


Cooking Programs

The programs ensure every dish is cooked to perfection by covering a large variety of ingredients.

Customize the texture and taste by your own preference. ChefMaker cooks like the private chef of your family.

Video based recipe guidance and useful cooking tips guarantee confidence for every new try.

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Not only a cooking machine, but also a premium lifestyle.

Minimalist & Stylish

Sleek metallic finish, integrated glass panel.

Ultimate Control

Hollow handle
Transparent viewing window


Dishwasher washer safe basket
Built-in self-cleaning function

Dreo App Smart Features

Monitor cooking process

Store favorite recipes and cooking settings

Push notifications for finishing meals

Video-based device and app foolproof tutorials